A single passenger application
providing access
across multiple networks​

A single application enabling passengers to purchase tickets from different transport operators.​

The app allows local authorities and operators to cost-effectively widen their reach and attract new customers.  This service is complementary to existing sales channels and any mobile apps already available in each network.​

Each network sets up their own list of fares and the desired method of validation (auto-validation or QR code).​


Easy to use by passengers and easy to deploy for operators.​


Registration, purchase and validation of tickets in a few clicks, less onboard sales, less traffic at ticket offices.​


Secure payment and anti-fraud control systems


  • No more queuing or needing the correct change​
  • Quick registration​
  • Payment by credit card​
  • Ideal for casual travellers​
  • Multi-network ticket offering​


  • Customised to the network’s brand​
  • Anti-fraud technology (1)​
  • Management of multi-network tickets​
  • Easy to administer​
  • Adhoc tickets for events and promotional codes​

(1) Anti-fraud technology: manual or QR Code validation, authenticated and non-transferable tickets, secured tickets for visual or QR Code control​

Management Plateform

By subscribing to the multi-network app, each transport operator has a secure access to the airweb ticketing platform

  • Access to geolocalised usage data​
  • Real-time view of usage data​
  • Direct management of passenger relations​
  • Graphical and dynamic statistical monitoring tools​
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