Open m-Ticket

Buy and validate tickets
with any smartphone

Available on an app customised to your brand or integrated within the passengers’ app​

airweb’s m-ticketing is the first solution in France, used every day by thousands of riders

The passenger

  • validates their ticket each time they get onboard​
  • Chooses the ticket corresponding to their profile​
  • Is able to buy a ticket remotely for friends and family​
  • Can arrange travel as a group​
  • can pay in several instalments​

Transport authority benefits from​

  • Reduced onboard and ticket office sales​
  • Reduced fraud​
  • Continued access to validation of tickets ​
  • Simple ticket checks ​
  • Easy management of special event ticketing​

ABT Back Office

With the app, the staff has secure access to the airweb M-ticketing platform​

  • Management of the fare range​
  • Validation and follow-up of ID documents​
  • Real-time display of usage data​
  • Direct management of passengers’ relations​
  • Graphic and dynamic statistical monitoring tools​
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