MaaS Platform

Simplifies passengers lives and supports the development of eco-friendly transport

Build your digital offering at your own pace

Based on a unique passenger account, the airweb platform allows you to present, enrich and develop the digital services and features you offer to your passengers​

  • Real-time information​
  • Multimodality​
  • Intermodality​
  • Distribution channels​
  • Integration of third party solutions​
  • Interface with other providers​


  • Access to all services thanks to a unique identifier​
  • Better informed across all modes of transport, including greener options​
  • Benefit from best available fares​

Transport authorities

  • They develop their mobility offering at their own pace​
  • They benefit from a global view of the use of services ​
  • They have a powerful and reliable tool to manage the distribution of revenues between operators​

Management platform

As part of their digital services, agencies’ staff has a secure access to the airweb platform​

  • Real time access to usage data​
  • Direct management of customer relations​
  • Fares Management​
  • Distribution of revenues between operators​
  • Graphic and dynamic statistical monitoring tools​

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