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School or classic version, to buy and reload  tickets on a card or a smartphone.

  • The airweb e-Shop simplifies the distribution of all types of tickets to all users and provides the network with real-time operating data. ​
  • The diverse solutions offered are tailored to the size and requirements of your network to offer a registration and payment solution available 24/7.​
  • The school version allows the collection of data necessary to implement the offer for school transport services.​
  • The e-shop can be interfaced with all conventional ticketing systems in order to reloard smartcards​.

The choice of payment solutions (direct debit, automatic renewal, concessions) and media (smartcard or smartphone) makes our solution both innovative and efficient, suitable for small and large agencies.​


  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Optimal data security​
  • Choice of payment methods​
  • Management of a family account​
  • Choice of fare media​

Transport authority

  • Reduces pressure on ticket offices​
  • Control of ID documents​
  • Ability to manage the range of fares available​
  • Manages the direct relationship​ with the passenger
  • Benefits from technical evolutions without additional cost​

ABT Back Office

Along with their e-Shop, transport operator staff have a secure access to the airweb M-ticketing platform​

  • Management of the fare range​
  • Validation and follow-up of ID documents​
  • Real-time display of usage data​
  • Direct management of passengers’ relations​
  • Graphic and dynamic statistical monitoring tools​

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